First things first, the reason you're here...Clementine. She's a cutie, isn't she?! This 1973 VW Westfalia Automatic Camper Van is quite the show stopper that also manages to put the biggest smile on your face.

Much care was put into her by her prior owners and we couldn't be more thankful to be given the opportunity to carry on her legacy. Almost every part of her is original and although we've made some style adjustments, we want to keep her foundation true to the decade she was created.

Now, the people that keep Clementine looking like such a beaut...we're the Solberg Family. From the moment we saw her, we hoped and prayed we'd get to call her ours. To sit behind the wheel feeling the rumble of her simple engine, the wind blowing through the windows and hearing our kids singing from the backseat has brought us so much joy. 

We couldn't keep her all to ourselves and that's why we're here. To spread a little more sunshine and aloha across Maui and to all that meet her.

Ready to hang with Clementine? See all the ways you can HERE.